I started Earth to Rose from a desire to snack. As someone who has Crohn’s Disease, I had to adopt a certain way of eating in order to stay in remission and stay off medications. In my transition from a sugary, processed-food lifestyle to one that contained zero refined sugars, and focused wholly on real, whole ingredients, I was forced to re-think all my meals, from dinner to lunch to breakfast to snacks; but most especially, breakfast and snacks. In replacing some of my favourite treats I ended up becoming a granola fiend. I used to love sugary cereal in my pre-health-conscious life, so it seemed like a natural progression.


While I also develop grain free, refined sugar recipes under the alias @grainfreee, I’ve always dreamed of finding a snack in stores, that was “ready-to-go” and relied on only a few simple ingredients, without any sort of random additives or unnecessary fillers. Just the good stuff.

After baking granola for friends and family for years on end, and becoming the official Granola Queen, I decided to be the change I wanted to see, and began developing a highly snack-able granola brand with gut-conscious folks in mind. The debut flavour from Earth to Rose, “cinnamon raisin coconut crunch,” is not only grain and gluten free, it’s also nut and tree nut tree, relying strictly on coconut to create cluster-y cinnamon deliciousness in combination with honey, medjool dates, and raisins. These ingredients can work well with many different diets and lifestyles.

– Rose Lilah, founder & creator